Abdulrahman Hassan Al-Shaibi from Qatar

Abdulrahman Hassan Al-Shaibi from Qatar is a Future Graduates student who completed a Foundation Course for Science and Engineering at the University of West England (UWE Bristol International College – Kaplan Pathways) and proceeded to study Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of West England.

He shares his testimonial below. Original testimonial:

ما ابالغ لكن كل طالب يسألني عن مكتب للبعثات ادلهم على مكتبكم لان مكتبكم احسن مكتب بدون اي مبالغه، من ناحية تقديم و اهتمام و استقبال و توصيل و مراجعه، يعطيك الف عافيه اخوي سلمان على كل شي و ان شاء الله اي .شخص يفكر يبتعث بدله على مكتب


I am not exaggerating when I say that everytime I get asked for an agency by fellow students, I recommend Future Graduates. This is because your agency is the best in terms of follow up, attention, reception and services without exaggeration. Thank you very much Mr. Salman for everything and I promise that I will continue to recommend your agency to others.

The picture above was taken upon meeting Abdulrahman during his arrival to the UK at Cardiff airport.