Mishari Khaled Al Kanderi from Kuwait

Mishari Khaled Al Kanderi is a student at the University of Hull . Mishari currently studies Accounting and Finance and was recruited by Future Graduates for the foundation programme at Hull.

Mishari shares his feedback on our services below:

The services provided by Future Graduates agency are excellent, particularly their consultancy services and fast responsiveness in choosing excellent universities and institutions exceptionally quickly.

Mishari Al Kanderi

Original feedback below:

خدمات مكتب فوتشر قراديوتس ممتازة في كل شي وبالأخص الردود والإستشارات الي يقدمونها لاختيار المعاهد والجامعات الممتازة والإهتمام بالطالب من ناحية استخراج القبول بوقت سريع. الله يعطيكم العافية.

مشاري الكندري

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