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An INTO Newcastle x Future Graduates Promotion You’re Not Going to Want to Miss

20 February 2024

Attention Saudi students - a unique adventure awaits in the heart of Newcastle! What's in store? Stay tuned for a game-changing promotion!

INTO Newcastle and Future Graduates is creating something never seen before – an opportunity that promises to blend the cultural charm of Newcastle with an element of surprise. But what that surprise is, well, it's anyone's guess.

As the excitement builds, INTO Newcastle and Future Graduates encourages you to stay tuned and keep an eye out on our social media for more information about the big reveal. We can't wait to reveal the magic. So, brace yourselves – the adventure is about to begin!



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Omar Hussain
Managing Director, UK

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Khaled Al Abdullah
Admissions Manager, Kuwait
+965 9984 9320

Yousif Swaise

Regional Manager, Qatar


Rehan Waqar

Immigration Lawyer

0330 175 7627

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